Who better than a passionate windsurfer behind a brand.

At 38-years-old Dany Bruch has a long history, yet is still right at the top of the World of International Windsurfing

Junior world champion, Spanish tour champion, 3x years 5th on the PWA World Tour and numerous top 10 finishes spanning more than a decade are just a few of Dany’s achievements.

Dany also took part in ALL 4 “Red Bull Storm Chase” editions, putting his gear and body to the ultimate test, in the most hardcore conditions the Windsurfing World has ever seen.

Competition aside, Dany started to look into board development at the age of 15, in 1996. Fun games back then, testing out all types of custom shapes from several brands.

It was then, in 2008, when Dany got a job at a custom factory in Tenerife. His experience gained there, made him suitable to work with International brand “Patrik Boards” in 2010.

This was his first real job committed to the research and development (R&D) of custom boards. He was then, Co-shaper for Patrik Diethelm working on his production of custom boards at the COBRA factory in Thailand.

Dany’s multiple appearances in Thailand, caught the attention of Starboard, also based in Thailand, who immediately head hunted Dany and brought him on to the R&D Wave Team together with Scott McKercher in 2011.

At Starboard, Dany learned the whole “big brand” process, from designing a prototype, creating a prototype, testing it in all kind of conditions around the world, modifying, testing, modifying, testing; until the final product was 100% ready for mass production.

The Black Box, the Kode, the Reactor and finally the UltraKode, still in production for 2019 at Starboard, are boards that Dany has been developing exclusively for Starboard in recent years.

Designing shapes was one of his tasks; construction was mission number 2 for Dany, where he worked closely with Remi Vila, Starboard chief of R&D, for more than 5 years, tirelessly searching for the best construction for a wave board, one to last all his and his team mates massive jumps, whilst still being incredibly light, but most important; keeping the “flex” to maintain a wave board that feels alive for each ride.

After 7 years of traveling to Thailand, and around the whole world, to remain on track for Starboard’s developments, Dany decided to follow his own dream and start a new journey.

For more than a year he worked on his new and refined shapes, to have it all 100% ready for the final customer, to finally launch his own Brand in 2018; “Bruch Boards”.

Dany: “What a journey! I am so excited. No words can really describe this moment in my life. Life has treated me well; my amazing wife, my son (and hopefully more kids soon) and now my own board brand, I am living the life I have always dreamed of.

It’s now time to put into practice all I have learned over the past years.

High quality materials, simple designs, comfortable straps that last, comfy pads, light weight boards that don’t break and keep the flex, are priorities on top of the list; but most important, I want to bring boards to the World, that are just “EASY” to use.

My philosophy is simple: “Jump on it and go!”.”


Boards are built in Thailand.

The Factory, “Hybrid Custom Tech” (“HCT”), is new to the public, but has a long history with many years of experience building boards.

Arnon Saisorn, owner of “HCT”, was the man in charge at the “COBRA” Factory for 10 years.

He then took over the Prototype Factory at “Starboard” for another 10 years, to then finally setting up his own factory 4 years ago.
Together with Arnon is engineer Benoit Peigner, also an EX-Starboard worker that was in charge of paddles for SUP and SUP accessories, for 5 years.
In “HCT”, all the latest technologies are applied in terms of machinery and new high tech materials.

Boards are “CNC” shaped and finished by hand, as most of the Custom Boards in the World are.
“HCT” takes special care for their hand work, as it is the most important part of the construction of a windsurf board and here is where it makes all the difference for an outstanding final product.

A very precise “Quality Control” is carried out at every step of production of each single board.
There is no margin for mistakes, every board is completed with 100% accuracy.

You will receive a “Custom Board”, hand crafted and shaped just for YOU.

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