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Order policy and returns

  /  Order policy and returns


The purpose of this document is to establish the General Conditions of Use and the General Conditions of Sale and returns of the online sales website and all its sub-domains.

Identity of the parties:

The general conditions of sale described below (hereinafter General Conditions of Sale), exclusively govern the contractual relations between any user of the website (hereinafter referred to as “User”) and the seller who is DANIEL BRUCH with residing in Uruguay Street 14 A, Granadilla de Abona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain; with CIF X2334486D.


It is essential to be of legal age to make a purchase on

• It is necessary that you provide us with the registration: a mobile or landline contact telephone number, an email address, a first and last name, the complete shipping address (with the postal code, the Building or house number, the province and the country) and the national identity document.

• The means of contact that we will use to send you the notifications about your order will be mainly the email although sometimes we can also use the telephone or the physical postal address.

• The conditions of use and purchase of this website are ONLY valid for purchases made within the European Union.

• If we accept your order, you will receive in your email previously provided in your user account, our acceptance by issuing an Order Confirmation. This Order Confirmation will be effective upon payment of the Order. If, on the other hand, we cannot accept your Order, we will try to contact the user by email, telephone or postal mail.


• BRUCH BOARDS will send a receipt in physical support that will be received along with the order. This receipt will be issued in the name of the natural person or company that has placed the order, so customers should be sure to write the correct name.

• Once the purchase has been made and, within 48 hours, BRUCH BOARDS will send customers an email with the order receipt containing the summary of the purchase, as well as payment information if applicable and shipping and billing information.

• Very occasionally the prices of the products shown on our website,, can be specified erroneously and show a lower or higher price than due. When this happens and, if we have confirmed your order, we will immediately contact the user in order to issue a new order confirmation with the correct price.

• There may be times when it is impossible for us to supply the ordered products due, for example, because such products are no longer manufactured or unavailable. In these cases we will contact the user to inform him and maybe we will suggest alternative products that the user may wish to buy. If you do not accept our suggestions, we will cancel your order in relation to the products that we cannot supply and refund any amount of money that would have satisfied us for such products. The return of these sums of money will be the limit of our responsibility towards the user, if it were impossible for us to supply the products.

• We reserve the right to modify our prices at any time. However, we promise to apply the rates in force indicated on the website, at the time of placing your order.

• Shipping costs, when applicable, are borne by the user, as indicated in the order and invoice.

• The I.V.A. at the applicable rate indicated on your invoice, it will be borne by BRUCH BOARDS.

• The price of the products includes the corresponding VAT and will be the one indicated in your order and / or invoice.


The availability of the products offered by BRUCH BOARDS through its website may vary depending on customer demand. Although BRUCH BOARDS updates the stock periodically, the product requested by the customer may be sold out at that time. In this case, BRUCH BOARDS will send an e-mail to the client informing him of the impossibility of complying with the order.

Supply of your order:

• The order reception schedule is twenty-four (24) hours on three hundred and sixty-five (365) days of the year, although orders placed after seventeen (17) hours will not be processed, remaining for the next business day in Spain . Orders received during the weekend will be processed early the following Monday, or first business day.

• The period between the completion of the order and the date of the first delivery attempt by the transport company at the address indicated in the order will be 65 days.

• You must keep in mind that our boards are manufactured to order.

These deadlines are indicated on business days.

Payment of your order (s):

All payments will be made in euros.

A) Payment by credit / debit card: If you choose to pay by card, your order cannot be taken into account and will not be processed until payment has been authorized by your bank or cashier. Online payment by credit card is made through the “Secure Socket Layer” security system, which encrypts your bank details when they are transmitted over the internet.
For security reasons, BRUCH BOARDS verifies all orders paid by bank card.

The data provided will not be used under any circumstances for any other purpose than those specifically mentioned here. In no case will they be transferred to third parties and may only be used by BRUCH BOARDS and only to make purchases that you request. Our secure server guarantees the privacy of the data you transmit to us. This privacy is achieved through the SSL protocol, encrypting the data sent through the RSA encryption system, when it is located in a secure area of a browser. Your browser, collaborating with the secure server, encrypts the data so that if another person, in the transmission process, manages to appropriate them, they will not be able to read them since they do not have the necessary key. You can check that your browser is safe if security badges appear, such as a key or a lock.

B) By bank transfer: If you pay by transfer / deposit account, you will be sent a request for payment by email with the bank account number to make the payment. Your order will not be reserved or sent until we have received payment in our bank account. If the payment is not received for the entire amount within 7 days of the date of your order, it may be canceled.
IMPORTANT: As a concept of the transfer you must indicate only the payment reference that will be indicated.

Delivery of your order:

• The order will be sent to the address you indicated at the time you made your purchase. BRUCH BOARDS does not guarantee delivery to postal mailboxes.

• When being exclusive orders under manufacture you CANNOT cancel your order before shipping.

• Deliveries are made, as quickly as possible.

• The payment method chosen by the user can affect delivery times.

Defective item:

• If the item you received is defective, contact +34 659 502 714 specifying your order number, your name and address, product details and the reason for the return, as well as if you request a refund or exchange. Then, we will tell you how to proceed with the return. You have 3 business days from receipt of the defective item to notify such return.

• At the time of delivery, you must thoroughly verify the state in which the merchandise is delivered and the number of packages delivered as indicated on the delivery note of the carrier. If there are errors in the delivery received or that it is visibly damaged, it is important that it be reflected on the delivery note of the carrier and inform these facts to BRUCH BOARDS within 24 hours and in writing via email to

Receive a wrong item:

• If the item you received is not the one you originally requested, contact +34 659 502 714 specifying your order number, your name and address, product details and the reason for the return, as well as if you request a Refund or exchange. Then, we will tell you how to proceed with the return.

• BRUCH BOARDS will bear the costs of collecting the wrong product and delivering the corresponding to the order placed.

Returns of:

• Products with the opening seal or packaging open or damaged.

• Products in which improper handling or cleaning is appreciated.

• Shipping costs, insurance and damage that could be suffered during transport will be borne by BRUCH BOARDS.

• The receipt of the product will not imply acceptance or conformity of the return, so BRUCH BOARDS may enjoy a period of 48 HOURS to show the Client any disagreement that may arise. In addition, it reserves the right to apply a penalty in the amount of the initial refund in the event that the product does not arrive in perfect condition.

Keep in mind:

• The item is the responsibility of the user until it reaches us. For your own protection, we recommend that you send the package through a shipping service that insures you for the value of the items.

• The cost of returning the item is the responsibility of the customer.

Please send us an email with all your data and product data, such as invoice number, date of purchase, etc. and send both the invoice and the package to: C / Uruguay 14 A, 38612, Granadilla de Abona, Santa Cruz from Tenerife, Spain.


All NEW products that you can buy at have a maximum warranty of 18 months.

Contents and information provided on our website:

• BRUCH BOARDS reserves the right to modify the commercial offer presented on the website (modification of products, prices, promotions and other commercial and service conditions) at any time.

• BRUCH BOARDS puts all reasonable means at your disposal to try to make the information shown on your website truthful and without typographical errors. If there is an error of this type, alien at all times to the will of BRUCH BOARDS, it would be corrected immediately, as soon as it is detected. If the error occurs in some of the prices shown and a customer has made a purchase, we will notify you of this error and the customer or user will have the right to cancel your order at no cost on your part. Sending an automatic purchase confirmation does not validate the conditions of a wrong price.

• The information presented on this website is in Spanish, English and German, including the formalization of the contract and all contractual information shown and sent to consumers or users.

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