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The Happy is our “Fish” type wave board.  Specially designed to have fun in soft and mushy waves with very light wind.
*This price is for the board with footstraps only, accesories are not included (fins, boardbag, etc).

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Get in touch!

One extra service we would like to offer to our customers, is to have a chat with the Shaper and Designer Dany Bruch.
If you are not sure what type of board out of the existing range is the right one for you, don’t hesitate and take your opportunity to get advise from Dany.
If the existing range, does not fulfill your needs, then you can also arrange a meeting so that Dany can design a specific shape, with specific liters, etc, just for YOU.
Never forget that we are a Custom Board producer and can do what ever you wish, just ask! 😉

Shipment / VAT not included

– 65 days until your front door. In the Moment that we receive the order from you, together with the payment, we will send out the order to the factory in Thailand.
– The Factory will need approximately 2 Weeks to build your Custom Board.
– We estimate another week for packing and logistic arrangements for the shipping from Thailand to our central base in Hamburg.
– The board then will be loaded in the container and shipped to Hamburg in 4 Weeks time.
– Once arrived in Hamburg, our central base will categorize the board and send it to your Home Address in the shortest time possible.

85L 214cm 61,8cm Arc-Half Moon Mono Concave into double into VEE 3x Usbox Thruster: 20cm+2x11cm 6.2 Kilos
95L 215cm 63cm Arc-Half Moon Mono Concave into double into VEE 3x Usbox Thruster: 20cm+2x11cm 6.6 Kilos
105L 217cm 64cm Arc-Half Moon Mono Concave into double into VEE 3x Usbox Thruster: 20cm+2x11cm 6.9 Kilos

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105, 85, 95



2 reviews for HAPPY

  1. Arnaud Germain

    Just few words to say that the happy board is incredible. I have the 105 . I tried in very different conditions of wind and waves….and I love it! I can push my limit of surfing with it like never before: this shape is perfect acording to me. Good Work and Thank you Very much Dany!

  2. Ben

    I need something that floats well and picks up speed on the wave easily, the Happy does just that, it has a very skateboard like feel to it, very forgiving. I can sail this board in 20 to 45 knots conditions. It starts planing at low speed and has a high top speed, It feels loose when turning and stable going straight, awesome grip in bottom turns and cutbacks, amazingly agile and still incredibly stable, a board that makes wavesailing seem easy. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to up their wavesailing level. I have tried all sizes of the happy in different conditions and I have to say they feel almost exactly the same, none of the agility is lost, obviously the bigger the board the higher it rides in the water. I love this shape and ordered a 95 as this seems the perfect middle ground for my weight. I found it works great for all my sails from 3.4 up to 5.3, could even go bigger. Another amazing shape, thank you Dany Bruch

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