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The Stoked i sour most versatile wave board.  Intermiedate wave sailor or pro’s, every level will perfom on it.
*This price is for the board with footstraps only, accesories are not included (fins, boardbag, etc).

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One extra service we would like to offer to our customers, is to have a chat with the Shaper and Designer Dany Bruch.
If you are not sure what type of board out of the existing range is the right one for you, don’t hesitate and take your opportunity to get advise from Dany.
If the existing range, does not fulfill your needs, then you can also arrange a meeting so that Dany can design a specific shape, with specific liters, etc, just for YOU.
Never forget that we are a Custom Board producer and can do what ever you wish, just ask! 😉

Shipment / VAT not included

– 65 days until your front door. In the Moment that we receive the order from you, together with the payment, we will send out the order to the factory in Thailand.
– The Factory will need approximately 2 Weeks to build your Custom Board.
– We estimate another week for packing and logistic arrangements for the shipping from Thailand to our central base in Hamburg.
– The board then will be loaded in the container and shipped to Hamburg in 4 Weeks time.
– Once arrived in Hamburg, our central base will categorize the board and send it to your Home Address in the shortest time possible.

80L 223,00cm 57,51cm Squash Tail Mono Concave into double into VEE 3x USBox or 5x USBox Thruster:17cm+2x10cm // Quad: 2x13cm + 2x9cm // Twin:2×15,5cm 5.8 Kilos
85L 223,50cm 59,00cm Squash Tail Mono Concave into double into VEE 3x USBox or 5x USBox Thruster:18cm/2x11cm // Quad: 2x14cm + 2x9cm // Twin:2x16cm 6.1 Kilos
90L 226,00cm 60,50cm Squash Tail Mono Concave into double into VEE 3x USBox or 5x USBox Thruster:19cm/2x12cm // Quad: 2×14,5cm + 2x10cm // Twin: 2×16,5cm 6.4 Kilos
95L 229,50cm 62,50cm Squash Tail Mono Concave into double into VEE 3x USBox or 5x USBox Thruster:20cm/2x12cm // Quad: 2x15cm + 2x11cm // Twin: 2x17cm 6.7 Kilos
105L 234,50cm 65,30cm Squash Tail Mono Concave into double into VEE 3x USBox or 5x USBox Thruster:21cm/2x12cm // Quad:2×15,5cm + 2x11cm // Twin: 2x17cm 6.9 Kilos

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105, 80, 85, 90, 95







2 reviews for STOKED

  1. Jobst v.Paepcke

    Sideoffshore Hanstholm /Denmark 09.12.19
    95kg, 183cm, Sail 4.0, gusty, cold temperatures. I am here for a daytrip, 5h drive from Hamburg. I’ve got the whole quiver to choose from: 88l Madness, 95l Happy, 105l Stoked. Very windy on the outsíde, little wind in the inside. Gusty as hell. Waves from 1,5-3m, some clean, some really choppy. Watertime will be limited due to cold air/water. I decide to go for the 105 STOKED. I know I will be able to sail a lot longer as riding a big board saves energy when it’s gusty. No problems to clear the “no wind zone”, outside i could ride my 3.5 sail, i am overpowered but it works fine. gusty wind is no hazzle, the Stoked keeps on going. On the wave it’s just perfect. It just does what I want. Rides fast on smoothe waves and goes suprisingly well through chop as well. It has great projection for airs and it just feels natural. I have a 2,5h session and leave the water happy happy happy! The Happy 95 or Madness 88 might have turned tighter in the top turn some times, but that’s not hwat you need, if you ride waves >1,5m. The Stoked is easy to ride and even in the big size a 100% Waveboard. Maybe the board I ride the most, as I often take it if I am too exhausted after a Windsurf Session on a Small board, to enjoy the last hour effortless. I have nevver ridden a better big board for waves. Smooth, easy going, effortless and ready for the action any time.

  2. Niels

    I got my stoked for a couple of months now, and of course conditions or time for windsurfing hasn’t played ball.
    But I still got the chance to try this amazing board in a various kind of conditions.

    A little about me: I’m around 90kg and needed a one board solution for sails ranging from 5,3 down to 4,0 my board has to work in all kind of different conditions in Denmark. In all from bump and jump east coast to mast high off shore conditions in the northwest of Denmark.

    I’m not sponsored nor am I a team sailor with discounts, for Bruch boards.
    I got my stoked as a gift from my girlfriend ( yes She’s A Nutter ) but a cute one.

    First things first, when unboxing/unwrapping the board you immediately notice the passion and eye for details that has gone into this board.
    The build finish is the best I’ve seen on any custom/semi custom series board in a long time, the paint job, the carbon reinforcements that shines through, the foot pads, inserts, fin boxes foot straps everything is so well build and screams HIGH END QUALITY product, it’s a joy !
    The board weighs in at 6,5 kg without straps, nothing special there, but the board feels and looks so strong, (it’s Crisp) Knock on it and you know what I mean.

    First time on the water. Hanstholm side shore 4,5 severne blade.
    I thought it wasn’t windy enough, but just stepped on it and felt at home at once, early planing, lively lose ride out through the shore break, the first thing that struck me was, how easy this board sails out through the shore break, it almost projects itself over whitewater,
    Despite the loose and lively ride you always feel total in control and secure on the flat deck and nice foot pads and foot straps.

    First bottom turn, the board accelerates nicely down the wave and holds its speed back up the wave face, with such ease that you only have to concentrate on how you will attack the top turn, back foot slash, rail driven roundhouse it’s all up to you.

    I have sailed my Stoked in underpowered, overpowered bump and jump conditions, onshore, side shore, off shore, in small sloppy to logo high powerful waves in Denmark.

    My findings.

    The stoked likes being powered up, the more wind the more secure and playful it feels.
    It works very well in all kind of conditions

    Wave riding: Engage your body into your bottom/top turns and the stoked will reward you with long drawn or snappy, turns on a dime, keeping its speed with ease.

    I don’t jump that much, but the board got the speed for lofty jumps and feels very compact and controllable In the air.

    I would recommend the Bruch Board Stoked for any real world sailor who prefers to get out and have fun no matter what conditions your spot throws at you.
    Because of the ease of use I would also recommend the stoked for all starting new aspiring wave sailors.

    One last thing. Promise me ! When you now order your Bruch board, you must also order the Bruch boards board bag.
    Just as the boards, the bags screams high quality, and are so well thought out and build, it would be a shame to store your new Bruch boards in anything less.

    Feel free to ask me any questions about my stoked, on Instagram @nchr1
    Hope to see you on the water.

    Best Niels.

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