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What our clients say ‎😃

Friendly and bespoke service

Friendly and bespoke service, with top quality kit. I will always come back here for Kit Rental and advice when I return to El Medano.


I can highly recommend the Bruchboards Center in El Médano

I can highly recommend the Bruchboards Center! Bruch Boards in my eyes have the best boards on the market and the knowledge and service are top-notch. Today I have 4 Bruch boards in my quiver and Dany has ben very helpful to help me try out and find the best boards for me.


So cool that the best boards are now available to rent right at the top spot

So cool that the best boards are now available to rent right at the top spot. I have been coming to Tenerife for many years and since 2023 I have been leaving my windsurfing equipment at home and renting it from the Bruch Center.


Madness & Happyness at the same time

First time travelling to El Medano, I was curious about the windsurfing conditions and about getting an impression of Dany’s boards. I called Dany to check them out in proper waves at Cabezo. Getting started, we had a good talk about the shape details of his boards, plus I got an instruction for Cabezo and

Alex Prinz

Madness 94!

Hi all, on a recent visit to El Cabezo I contacted Dany Bruch and asked if he could lend me a Madness wave board to try. For the ever accommodating Dany this was not a problem. On arriving at his ‘office’ he was already setting up his 94l Madness for me. Looking at the board,

Rob Mulholland

The Best Boards

I own 3 Bruch Boards, a Madness 72 and 84, and a Stoked 95. They are the best boards I have ever owned in my +40 years windsurfing experience.

Jan Spile

Madness is Top!

My favorite is the Madness 88l. Before riding Dany’s board I rode Fanatic boards for over 20 years. In the last few weeks we had 6-8 bft every day on the German Baltic Sea coast. Ideal for testing and getting to know the board. I’m totally satisfied. The board moves quickly even in strong currents.

Jan Möde


Because they have stolen my 95 liter waveboard out of storage here in Medano, i was able to buy a second hand Happy 95. The first time i used that board i was blown away , i never has sailed with such a good board , amazing. And im surfing since 1978😛. So i decided

Yves Vandermotte

Happy and stoked with madness

I got the 78 Liter Madness as for lightwind conditions and I love being faster than my dad and go higher upwind on the runs out. But as I grew quickly to 1,87m and almost 73kg it‘s my one-for-all now. As my dad is pretty jealous on high wind days and I become heavier, we

Konstantin L

Pure Madness to ride

I asked Dany for a light wind board for my son, that he could also use, when he has grown taller and heavier for surfing in stronger wind. Dany recommended the Madness 76 and it was the perfect decision as my son loved it immediately for it speed, upwind ability, ease of control and turning.

Stefan L

75 litre Happy (very Happy)

Dear windsurf addicts, first and foremost this review wouldn’t have happened without Dany’s incredible attitude and desire to help me to just test the board. Summary and vivid impressions: All-round quiver killer, with wave and turn orientation. Inspires confidence with its stability also in the gybe, unique (for me) volume distribution as it planes very

Andrey Nikolov

Happy 105

I had a dream board and Danny make it! The happy is the best board for me, you can do more roller on the wave, you feel like a surfer, the board follow the wave with or without wind….it’s really a magic board. At the beginning it was for light wind conditions, surf sailing but

Arnaud Germain


Yoah all you peeps in the windsurfing world. I am windsurfer of long standing and have windsurfered on many a good windsurf board. But the “115 Happy” which I currently own is superb. It goes tackles on shore conditions like “Ah Man” and goes down the line on a 4m swell like “Ah Man”. It

Dave "Jarleth" McMullan

The best boards

I bought a madness 88 and the 78 is a fantastic board both in construction and in the sea that allows you to do everything both on the wave and in jumps and maneuvers ….. and at the same time have fun congratulations to Dany for having truly created the most beautiful and most functional

Valerio Melino

Always HAPPY

I had for couple of days STOKED 80, MADNESS 78 and HAPPY 75 in my car and was giving it many tries in deferent conditions in Cabezo bay. Was hard to decide but at the and I picked HAPPY one 🤩. All the boards seams to me amazing but for my lower level of riding

Petr Haas

Thanks for excellent testing experience

I was riding my Madness 88 for over 2 years and asked Dany if I can test the other boards when I come to Tenerife. He immediately replied and we agreed to meet at his place at Cabezo. When I was there he talked me through the boards and explained everything. As the wind was

JP Schulz

Stoked 85 und Madness 78

Hallo Dany, ich konnte gestern erst das Madness 78 und dann den Stoked 85 testen. Spot: Sankt-Peter-Ording, Wind: Nordnordwest 6 Windstärken, 4 Grad, Nordseechaos mit Wind von rechts, sideon, viel Strömung! Trotz dieser anspruchsvollen Bedingungen hatte ich richtig viel Spaß! Bei den beiden Boards hieß es: Raufstellen, losgleiten, wohlfühlen! Alles fühlt sich total natürlich an.

Mathias Genkel

Total madness 108

I was looking for a waveboard that will do wel on Noordsea as saling on a like in choppy condition. and also suitable for me as a heavy weight sailer. Dany and I had same contact too talk about what the better board was for me. Together we came out on the Madness 108. What

Martin Folmer

It works 🙂

Aloha, I’ve tried a lot of wave boards lately. I couldn’t find the right one. Once my friend Martin arranged for me to test Bruch boards at Dany’s, I had Stoked and Happy. Both boards were great, but I instantly fell in love with the Stoked. Beautifully spinning and good board and when going out

Jirka Novotný

Feeling at Home

35 years ago I was addicted to windsurfing and surfing every wave around the world. After a break of 15 years I found a home again. Not only in Medano, but also on Dany’s Stoked Board! It gives me everything I love as an old school windsurfer: Fast planing, safe in the water on bootomturns

Christian Jäger

The best of the best

For more than three years I have been sailing with Dany’s boards, I am fully convinced that it is the best product currently on the market. Construction technique, used materials and shape are the maximum expression that you can find in a board. I use Madness 78 almost as a single board, I love the

Alessandro Derox Mazzetti

I’ve been in this sport

I’ve been in this sport for 15 years and it’s a board that gives me a lot of confidence, it’s fast and flexible, it’s an amazing board


Level up

My level was boosted by taking the step to a custom board the” Stoked 85L” He lives up to his qualities Thanks Dany

Bart Van Neder

Nailed iti!

I was struggling for a while to find a waveboard that would be suitable for more heavy weight riders. I have used slalom boards and avanti machine sails for quite a while. I go to Karpathos every year and enjoyed so much wave riding and surfing in devils bay and hun bay, so I wanted

Peter Zijlema


I’m totally psyched about the responsiveness of my Madness 75. It’s as close to regular surf as it gets! In the Baltic Sea, Stoked 80 allows me taking the energy from less steep waves and carry it to the next section looking for the lip.

Tomas Sakalauskas

Best Boards ever

I am using Bruch Boards for 3 years now and they still look like they came right out of the factory. Beside the quality the shapes are great an I cannot which is the best. I like my Madness 88, my Happy 115 and the Stoked 90.

JP Schulz


I had my 78 litre Madness with me on the Greek islands during last summer. I weigh 68 kg and my sail sizes range from 3.6 to 5.2 sqm, using a 2 cm larger fin at 4.8 and 5.2 sqm. You immediately feel comfortable on the Madness, nothing needs getting used to. The foot straps


Thanks Dany, unbelievable awesome board!

Its’s hot here in Cape Town. I am 85 kg and my latest new arrival is a Burch MADNESS! The MADNESS convinces from the first moment. A light-footed super planing surfboard. Whether jumping or wave riding, the board loves big waves as well as white water in the beach break. Radical and like on rails


I love this shape!

I need something that floats well and picks up speed on the wave easily, the Happy does just that, it has a very skateboard like feel to it, very forgiving. I can sail this board in 20 to 45 knots conditions. It starts planing at low speed and has a high top speed, It feels


Loving my HAPPY 75L

Found my magic board! I’m 75 kilos and found the Happy 75 to be the perfect choice for me. I use it with sails from 4.4 to 3.6 -such a fun board for all type of conditions from wobbling out at 19knots for waveriding only to flying around on 40knot big days. What most surprised

Per Schmitz

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