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The fusion
of top speedeasy surfingearly planingfreeride fun

The Freedom is the concept we are most proud of; the fusion of a genuine freewave board with the capabilities of a freeride or even freerace board.
Initially, it was created to fulfill the needs of heavier sailors (100kg+), whom also like to play in the waves, but can’t do so right now because there is nothing on the market without ‘slalom rails’.
The outline of the shape, as you can see, was inspired by the Madness, but with a wider nose and more volume between the feet and tail. It’s perfectly balanced to be even easier to use … and not only for the heavy guys
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It gets planing even faster; has an amazing top-end speed, and like all of our wave boards has lots of grip, control and turn-ability that you have never experienced before. The Freedom comes with two setups, so read this carefully:
The Freewave Setup
With the base plate at the back of the mast track, use three straps along the centre-line of the board, and the thruster freewave fin set.
The Freeride Setup
With your base-plate located all the way to the front of the mast track, locate the four straps outboard towards the rails of the board, and fit the 36cm freeride centre fin in place.
Yes, it sounds unreal, but it is true! We are amazed at how good this board works in both disciplines.
During the development stages, testing The Freedom in waves, we did all sorts of moves on it: aerials, cut-backs, slam gybes… And when switching it to freeride mode, we achieved 55km/h, requiring less effort to control or gybe it than any freeride or freerace board we tested it against.
Currently only available in 118L, we aim to have a complete range to choose from by the beginning of 2023, ranging from 88L to 128L.
Feel FREE to RIDE!
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118L | 128L | 138L


– The Freewave set up*:
With the mast track to the back, with 3 straps in the center of the board and a truster freewave fin set

– The Freeride set up*:
With the mast track all the way to the front, with 4 straps more to the rails of the board and a 36cm Freeride center fin

*When you purchase the Freedom, it comes with both settings as standard!

``This board is super fast on flat water, easy to gybe and incredibly lively if you want to play in small to medium waves! A real funboard that does it all.``

Dany Bruch, CEO Bruch Boards



The pin tail is the key of this board.
This tail gives you the ultimate hold and control.
Its very narrow shape means the tail sinks deeper in the water, giving you extra “traction”, a bit like a big fin would.
Turning ability, either for a gybe or for a bottom turn, it’s done with the tip of your toes.
In the top turn, the amount of grip and control is hard to explain, combined with the regeneration of speed, makes this board flawless.


A deep monoconcave starting around the nose area, maxing at the mast track transforming into a very pronounced double concave between the feet, then ending in an almost flat Vee in the tail.


The mono concave makes the water flow sucking the bottom surface of the board to the water, allowing control of the board in any hard, windy or choppy conditions.
The stronger pronounced double concave, compared to the other boards of the range, is there to help the board turn easier and keep the grip, as the board is wider.


Our rails are very sharp from the tail to the back center of the board, pulling in progressively until they are rounded all the way to the nose of the board.


This is very simple to explain; the sharp rails on the tail, creates the lift and release to let the fins work and allow direction change with no effort to also give you the extra release on a top turn.
The rounded rails beginning right after your front foot, make the board bite the water and hold on to the surface on a gybe or bottom turn, giving you the amount of control you need to fulfill your turn.


All our boards are made to plane early, generate a lot of top end speed for high jumps and always maintain the control of the board, no matter what sort of conditions.
If you are just cruising around, or committing to the bottom turn of your life or going for the highest jump, you can do so with shut eyes.
The Rocker combined with the bottom shape make the board truly alive.


We recommend our boards to be used with the genuine G10 fins from Bruch.

G10 is the most durable construction of a fin, but not only that, we have found the best compromise between durability and flex of the fin.

This will step up your game once again.

Through our package, you benefit from a great deal on some incredible fins as part of the purchase.

118 235 65 Pintail Mono Concave into double into VEE 1x Powerbox + 2x US Box Thruster set 11cm + Freewave Powerbox 24cm + Freeride Powerbox 36cm 6.9 Kilos
128 242.5 70 Pintail Mono Concave into double into VEE Powerbox 38cm Freeride + Wave/Freewave fin 28cm 7.3 Kilos
138 247.5 75 Pintail Mono Concave into double into VEE Powerbox 42cm Freeride 7.7 Kilos
Board view Layers view No compromise: Built to last - 100% full biax carbon deck and bottom construction.
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