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“Leave the water with a big smile. Be happy!”


“Madness to ride!”

Get in touch!

One extra service we would like to offer to our customers, is to have a chat with the Shaper and Designer Dany Bruch.

If you are not sure what type of board out of the existing range is the right one for you, don’t hesitate and take your opportunity to get advice from Dany.

If the existing range, does not fulfill your needs, then you can also arrange a meeting so that Dany can design a specific shape, with specific liters, etc, just for YOU

Never forget that we are a Custom Board producer and can do whatever you wish, just ask.

Welcome Box!

Once you have purchased your new Custom Board, we will prepare a Welcome Box for you and send it out immediately.

In 1-2 weeks time, you should receive this box, with a hat, T-shirt, stickers etc, branded with “Bruch Boards”.

We think that the wait for your new toy will be easier to manage like this.


Boards are built in Thailand.

The Factory, “Hybrid Custom Tech” (“HCT”), is new to the public, but has a long history with many years of experience building boards. Arnon Saisorn, owner of “HCT”, was the man in charge at the “COBRA” Factory for 10 years.

He then took over the Prototype Factory at “Starboard” for another 10 years, to then finally setting up his own factory 4 years ago.
Together with Arnon is engineer Benoit Peigner, also an EX-Starboard worker that was in charge of paddles for SUP and SUP accessories, for 5 years.
In “HCT”, all the latest technologies are applied in terms of machinery and new high tech materials.

Boards are “CNC” shaped and finished by hand, as most of the Custom Boards in the World are.
“HCT” takes special care for their hand work, as it is the most important part of the construction of a windsurf board and here is where it makes all the difference for an outstanding final product.

A very precise “Quality Control” is carried out at every step of production of each single board.
There is no margin for mistakes, every board is completed with 100% accuracy.

You will receive a “Custom Board”, hand crafted and shaped just for YOU.

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