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“That dream board you always wanted
No lip to steep to hit
No more un-hacked open faces
No more aerial sections you didn’t fly over
This board is, as it’s name says, Madness to ride!”

The Madness is our radical wave board.
Heavy winds, hollow small or big waves, on-shore, side-shore or side-off, it does it all.
It is the heavy duty wave board, that the advanced to pro wave sailor would choose, but listen to this!
Same board can be chosen with a flatter rocker, transforming the board in the most ideal FreeWave board.


The shape of the Madness is based on very smooth lines that defines the outline.
A pin tail combined with a quite straight outline along the rails.
Smooth volume distribution keeping the tail thinner to maintain the feeling and allowing the board to grip to the wave face.
Thicker mid/front part of the board to allow the ease of use while getting through the shore break;
This combination makes this board feel balanced from the first moment you step on it.


The pin tail is the key of this board.
This tail gives you the ultimate hold and control.
Its very narrow shape means the tail sinks deeper in the water, giving you extra “traction”, a bit like a big fin would.
Turning ability, either for a gybe or for a bottom turn, it’s done with the tip of your toes.
In the top turn, the amount of grip and control is hard to explain, combined with the regeneration of speed, makes this board flawless.


Mono concave from Nose all the way until the front foot, were it transforms into a double concave into a vee in the tail.


The mono concave makes the water flow sucking the bottom surface of the board to the water, allowing control of the board in any hard, windy or choppy conditions.
The double concave between the feet plus the Vee in the tail, keeps the board alive and helps the turning ability, making it a smooth combination of control and ease when turning.


Our rails are very sharp from the tail to the back center of the board, pulling in progressively until they are rounded all the way to the nose of the board.


This is very simple to explain; the sharp rails on the tail, creates the lift and release to let the fins work and allow direction change with no effort to also give you the extra release on a top turn.
The rounded rails beginning right after your front foot, make the board bite the water and hold on to the surface on a gybe or bottom turn, giving you the amount of control you need to fulfill your turn.

We are very proud of our rocker.

All our boards are made to plane early, generate a lot of top end speed for high jumps and always maintain the control of the board, no matter what sort of conditions.
If you are just cruising around, or committing to the bottom turn of your life or going for the highest jump, you can do so with shut eyes.
The Rocker combined with the bottom shape make the board truly alive, giving you the feeling that the nose is weightless.

The Flatter Rocker choice, reduces the curve of the rocker by 1,5cm in a progressive way, keeping the turn ability and control of the board trough the shape, tail shape, bottom shape and rails, but adding a huge amount of top end speed to the board, transforming it into a bump and jump blasting miracle.


This shape excels as a Thruster, but has been designed to feel magic also as a Quad or Twin fin set up, depending on the riders preference or depending on the spot and conditions you will shred in on the day.

If you are that type of guy that like to play with different fin set ups, we can only recommend you to go for the 5 box option.
Weight will only increase by 150-200 Gramm with our special side “Compact US” box.
Plastic Cover Ups for those boxes not being used will be delivered with the board, if chosen the 5 box.


We Recommend US Box for all our fin boxes;
Regular US Box for the center fin.
Special developed side fin boxes, with reduced weight: “Compact US Box


Until now, the US Box system is still the strongest fin box on the market, nothing has been developed to beat this system in therms of durability of impact resistance.
With the reduced weight, we equal the slot box, which is the lightest box right now, so why use something weaker?

Customer is King!

If you would like to have your side boxes, as you are used to as “Slot Box”, you can of course order your Custom board with the fin box system you prefer.

Its Your board, its Your Choice.


We recommend our boards to be used with G10 fins from Italy’s Custom Fin Factory LSD Fins.

G10 is the most durable construction of a fin, but not only that, we have found the best compromise between durability and flex of the fin.
This will step up your game once again.
Trough our package, you can benefit of a great deal of purchase.


High quality straps, with double velcro for adjustments and a stiff strong belt inside to maintain a well shaped round strap on the board.
This will allow you to always keep the feeling of control through your feet.

Thanks to its stiffness, the board will react immediately once you initiate any type of pressure onto it, either for your bottom turn, top turn or gybe.
Soft neoprene around the stiff belt and no hard edges, is a joy for your feet that you will always appreciate.
Once in the strap, the combination of 5mm sponge for softness and 6mm “HPE” Pad will surprise you in terms of grip and comfortableness.

Round or Pointy?

In both shapes, Stoked or Madness, we offer to our customers, the choice between a round or a pointy nose.
This is a pure optical choice only, that will not affect the performance of the board, some like more the look of round, some of pointy, this is your choice.

Finish; Black or Red?

On the Madness, you have the choice of finish between a black rail finish or a red rail finish.
On both of them, you have got the red pigment in the resin of the board, to showcase the Biax Carbon fibers.
On the Black type, a slight fade of black color will be added to the rail.
On the Red Type, a slight more red will be added to the rail.
After that, a new high tech “CMX” Gel Coat will be added on top, to make those unliked scratches to appear way later than early in the use of the board.


We only offer 1 technology, because it is the best in performance, durability and flex to maintain the “alive” feeling of the board; The “Responsive Carbon Construction”.
The “Responsive Carbon Construction”, is a full “Biax Carbon 45º” lamination of the deck and bottom of the board, on top of the PVC hardcore sandwich, with extra Carbon reinforcements on the typical weak points of a wave board.
Our construction is not only strong and responsive, its also very light;
5.5 kilos for the smaller boards of the range like the 72 Liter Madness, 7.3 kilos for an up to 125 Liter Wave board.***(a 3-5% variation of the weight can be found on the manufacturing hand work that could affect the weight slightly)
We are so confident of our construction, that we give up to 18 month warranty***.



72L 223,00cm 54,00cm Pin Tail Mono Concave into double into VEE 3x USBox or 5x USBox Thruster:16,5cm+2x9cm // Quad: 2x13cm + 2×8,5cm // Twin:2x 15cm 5.4 Kilos
78L 223,50cm 55,00cm Pin Tail Mono Concave into double into VEE 3x USBox or 5x USBox Thruster:17cm+2x10cm // Quad: 2x13cm + 2x9cm // Twin:2×15,5cm 5.6 Kilos
84L 225,50cm 57,20cm Pin Tail Mono Concave into double into VEE 3x USBox or 5x USBox Thruster:18cm/2x11cm // Quad: 2x14cm + 2x9cm // Twin:2x16cm 6.0 Kilos
88L 229,50cm 58,50cm Pin Tail Mono Concave into double into VEE 3x USBox or 5x USBox Thruster:19cm/2x12cm // Quad: 2×14,5cm + 2x10cm // Twin: 2×16,5cm 6.2 Kilos
94L 234,10cm 61,50cm Pin Tail Mono Concave into double into VEE 3x USBox or 5x USBox Thruster:20cm/2x12cm // Quad: 2x15cm + 2x11cm // Twin: 2x17cm 6.6 Kilos
98L 234,10cm 61,50cm Pin Tail Mono Concave into double into VEE 3x USBox or 5x USBox Thruster:21cm/2x12cm // Quad:2×15,5cm + 2x11cm // Twin: 2x17cm 6.8 Kilos
108L 236,00cm 63,00cm Pin Tail Mono Concave into double into VEE 3x USBox or 5x USBox Thruster:21cm/2x12cm // Quad:2x16cm + 2x11cm // Twin: 2×17,5cm 7.1 Kilos
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