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  /  Warranty

18 Month guarantee against failure of materials or workmanship (delamination, softening of the hull, inserts, fin and mast boxes), and 18 Month guarantee against breakage.

Only original buyers are entitled to make claims.
Original receipt is required.
This warranty is valid for 18 months from the date of purchase of the original product.

This warranty does not cover damage or defects caused by:
· Impact with any materials or objects.
· Collisions, abuse, misuse or accidental damage.
· Sailing with the board after prior damages.
· Transport, loading, unloading, dropping, or out of water handling.
· Heel dents.
· Scratches, paint chip off or similar issues.
· Non-recreational use, rental or teaching environments.
· Inappropriate storage or handling, maintenance or care.
· Exposure to temperatures over 50°C and under 0°C.
· Repairs or modifications.
· Flat landings.
· Improper mounting of footstraps, fins or other fittings.
· Any damage except manufacturing defects.

Buyer is responsible for his board all the time and will check regularly its condition.
Claims can only be made to Bruch Boards.
In case of a claim please contact Bruch Boards as soon as possible.
Your board will be handled (repaired or replaced) to our own judgment.
A substitution or a repair of a damaged board does not extend its original guarantee period.
These guarantee conditions are subject to the general conditions under Spanish law.
Bruch Boards will cover the cost of transportation from the customer to Bruch Boards and back, once the claim is approved by Bruch Boards.

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